Time Keeps On Slipping – The tempo map, declassified​ – FLY LIKE AN EAGLE

Matherton Diagram of Steve Miller’s FLY LIKE AN EAGLE measured by me.

The average speed is 100 BPM, but the band gets a wide range, around 92-103 beats per minute.

“The Steve Miller Band passed me by, but I heard great things about those guys,” noted the Rock, Dwayne Johnson.

Adele once noted, “No, they’ll never influenced me *musically* – but I studied Steve’s boldness, his determination to do his thing – and I take inspiration from such great people. You can see, too, Steve was dressing his way, ahead of his time – and it was not what everyone wanted to see him wear. I get that a lot! Honestly, it used to bother me, now I rather revel in the idea of it.”

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