“You’re everything I hoped for, you’re everything I need.” JOE COCKER, you are so beautiful | declassified tempo map

Joe Cocker’s version of a song you are so beautiful it’s one of the most beautiful songs of the 20th century.

My City Was Gone
revolution - the-beetles-matherton_tempo_map

The diagram pictured here of the measurements that I took of the frequencies of exactly how fast the song is in all places in the continuous measurement.

Roosevelt parks Matherton

Lover Lay Down, live – Tim Reynolds & Dave Matthews at Luther College. Declassified harmonic tempo probability chart and video embed.

Lover Lay Down-Dave-Matthews-Tim-Reynolds-Luther-College
Lover Lay Down-Dave-Matthews-Tim-Reynolds-Luther-College

Lover Lay Down is a song written by Dave Matthews that first was available for legal sale on the Dave Matthews Band’s album ‘Under The Table And Dreaming’.

The chart and the video reflect a performance of the song as a due with the fabulous Tim Reynolds, a de facto member of the Dave Matthews band the moment LeRoi went his great gig in the sky in that tragic summer of 2008.

Phil Collins In The Air Tonight

Most Famous Rock Piece w Dark D Minor w Enthusiastic 94.6 BPM speed . Cross over drums by Phil Collins IN THE AIR TONIGHT

Once when I saw Phil img_1223-2img_0514_2Collins play this in concert a man had to be taken off on a stretcher for having an asthma attack before the drum fill on this song ever occurred. Enthusiasm taken to the limit, as when the Baltimore Ravens used this song as their psyche up song during the Ray Lewis era.  Phil had a style ‘tease’ style similar to the way Melissa Etheridge highlights or song. I’ve seen this played 10 times in concert and every time filmmakers it look like he’s not quite going to make the drums *that* time. Just as in Melissa Etheridge’s “Come to my window”, you hear her hit the challenging high note, (yes, *that*  one),

Melissa Etheridge - Come To My Window - measured speed
Melissa Etheridge – Come To My Window tempo map

the on you cane to hear – and you think “she’s a little bit late coming down from it and you almost think that *she* forgets it and then it’s because she waits just the right amount of time that makes her dropping the higher note *down*!  

Phil Collins In The Air Tonight
Phil Collins In The Air Tonight

song “Love Is Blue”, a classic pop 20 c. French instrumental, classic minor keys at lustful speeds stuff, as The Momma’s and the Pappa’s California Dreamin’

Phil Collins “In the air tonight”
Speed=94 3/5 bpm

Average quarter note=640 ms


Melissa Etheridge

“Come To My Window”

Average quarter note=663.3 ms

Speed=97.4 bpm


Johnny Cash I Walk The Line

“We Don’t Need No Thought Control” – Another Brick In The Wall, the Best Music to Movie Move Ever

The Wall by Pink Floyd took U.K. music to the end of the earth and beyond culture by absolute storm in the late 1970s.


“In Roger Waters’ most famous song, Another Brick in the Wall Part 2, the teenagers of that time found a voice in: realizing we had no voice,” opined [personal]. In the suffering of Bob Geldoff, who played the protagonist in the film, we feel the helpless of being born into a world where culture has already driven society so mad you are literally born onto a car racing off a cliff. No one captured that better than Floyd” said Jim Jobim, former roadie for the band.  “What blew me away were the stars in sunglasses with back stage passes back then – people like Dan Rather, regular, if you can call them that, famous people who we let in on the basis of their fame. The Don’t say a word rule is still on effect. Of course Dan Rather never saw Pink Floyd – to my knowledge. Just saying, that kind of unexpected celebrity wanting to know what this new Wall was about.

“our Generation was called X because we stood for nothing at all because as the Floyd video shows, we were cogs in a machine. Never has anything been as artistically relevant, video-music wise, as Pink Floyd’s Brick. Not their *best* song, but their most powerful, the one they are known for more than any.”

Johnny Cash said it best, “If people knew I was listening to this Pink Floyd, well, they’d figure it was a publicity stunt. So I kept it to myself. Thing is where they and I are the same is standing up for what is morally right, and if it’s part of the system, great, if not, all I’m saying is, maybe we should look at a different way to do this.”


Average tempo=103 1/2 beats per minute

Average beat=580 ms

proposed Newman Tempo scale category=Natural, as comfortable.


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