“You’re everything I hoped for, you’re everything I need.” JOE COCKER, you are so beautiful | declassified tempo map

Joe Cocker’s version of a song you are so beautiful it’s one of the most beautiful songs of the 20th century.

My City Was Gone
revolution - the-beetles-matherton_tempo_map

The diagram pictured here of the measurements that I took of the frequencies of exactly how fast the song is in all places in the continuous measurement.


Elton John, Unclassified harmonic tempo probability chart featuring Marilyn Monroe

The popular song “Candle In The Wind” was first released on a double album of extraordinary creativity, Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. The double studio album is almost impossible to pull off, but when it works, it is classic.

Nora-Jones-Don’t Know Why

Other albums in this league – Stevie Wonder, ‘Songs In The Key Of Life’, Pink Floyd ‘The Wall’, Pat Metheny ’80/81′, Genesis, ‘The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway’, Yes, ‘Tales From Topographical Oceans’, The Beatles ‘[Blue Album]’. The always relevant and fantastic Rolling Stone magazine offers this list of the Top Ten double studio albums of all-time”

from the Young and the Restless®

THE WATER IS WIDE – Orla Falon- declassified tempo map, video link

modern tempo map
The Water Is Wide

This is a tempo chart I made inspired by a scene from the Bold and The Beautiful that featured Susan Flannery as Stephanie Douglas Forrester ushering with utter gentlest her other, played by Betty White. The scene was filmed on the the California beaches, somewhere between Catalina and Venice Beach. As you can tell I’m from the East Coast!


matherton + spiron
november 26, 2017

“Having My Baby” | unclassified tempo map| recording by the ageless PAUL ANKA

In the 1970s, Odoea Coates sang to Paul Anna that she wanted to have his baby because she “was a woman in love.”

PAUL: “What A lovely way of showing how much you love me.”

Paul Anka - modern tempo map

Paul digs deeper, “Didn’t have to keep it – wouldn’t put you through it! You could have swept it from your life but you wouldn’t do it. No – you wouldn’t do it! [have an abortion].”

So in some ways the 1970s were a more liberal than the 2010s.



november 24, 2017