“You’re everything I hoped for, you’re everything I need.” JOE COCKER, you are so beautiful | declassified tempo map

Joe Cocker’s version of a song you are so beautiful it’s one of the most beautiful songs of the 20th century.

My City Was Gone
revolution - the-beetles-matherton_tempo_map

The diagram pictured here of the measurements that I took of the frequencies of exactly how fast the song is in all places in the continuous measurement.

Billy Joel, Where’s The Orchestra? Is this an especially bittersweet and maudlin speed?

Here, trying out the MSFT sway app. Comments help! Thanks 🙏🏼!

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3:05 AM 5/14/18.

You Get Up Every Morning To The Alarm Clock’s Warning – Riding the Tempo With B.T.O.’s T.C.B. – Taking 8:15 Into The City!

Taking-Care-Of-Business Bachman Turner Overdrive
Taking-Care-Of-Business Bachman Turner Overdrive Modern tempo map
Taking-Care-Of-BusinessBachman Turner OverdriveModern tempo map-020502

Randy Bachman was asked when he stopped taking the rock and roll lifestyle so seriously, as indicated in the song Taking Care Of Business.  The writer of TCB refused to say a word.

Kmk Natasha and fadingthekisses posted a public comments regarding this song that I identified with more than 100 other opinions I’ve read on this classic three chord composition.

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    General CommentThe lyrics of the song extoll the virtues of being a professional musician, comparing the rock and roll lifestyle to the workaday world. Takin’ Care of Business was originally a tune by The Guess Who that never got released. It was originally titled “White Collar Worker”, and very similar to the Beatles tune “Paperback Writer”. At many Guess Who concerts, lead singer Burton Cummings would introduce the song as now being a Guess Who song.

    Ironically, the song has been used as an advertising campaign for companies such as Office Depot, when the song is in fact, about being lazy.

    kmk_natashaon January 28, 2006Link

Personally this song has a lot of meaning to me. I’ve always thought the “taking care of business” part was in relation to taking a shit. I could be wrong, but I’ve always thought about it like that. I also usually ‘TCOB’ at 8:15 so this song really resonates with me.

fadingthekisseson June 25, 2012   Link


Against All Odds

PERFECT by Alanis Morissette and Glenn Ballard – bittersweetness in a diagram? Harmonic speed diagrams, video embed.

Alanis Morissette and Glenn wrote this song in ten minutes and the track on the album was the first take.

Modern tempo map PERFECT, by Alanis MOrrisette and Glenn Ballard Perfect[/caption
median expected tempo=77 beats per minute

spiron and matherton
November 26, 2017