Against All Odds

PERFECT by Alanis Morissette and Glenn Ballard – bittersweetness in a diagram? Harmonic speed diagrams, video embed.

Alanis Morissette and Glenn wrote this song in ten minutes and the track on the album was the first take.

Modern tempo map PERFECT, by Alanis MOrrisette and Glenn Ballard Perfect[/caption
median expected tempo=77 beats per minute

spiron and matherton
November 26, 2017

from the Young and the Restless®

THE WATER IS WIDE – Orla Falon- declassified tempo map, video link

modern tempo map
The Water Is Wide

This is a tempo chart I made inspired by a scene from the Bold and The Beautiful that featured Susan Flannery as Stephanie Douglas Forrester ushering with utter gentlest her other, played by Betty White. The scene was filmed on the the California beaches, somewhere between Catalina and Venice Beach. As you can tell I’m from the East Coast!


matherton + spiron
november 26, 2017

A day in the life-beatles-harmonic-tempo-probability-chart

“Never A Time” | Genesis | unclassified tempo charts

My brother asked me about the speed of this one yesterday.


This was not surprising to hear on the day that the speed usually indicates: true bittersweetness. A sweet day that leaves a bitter aftertaste as time is a bastard. When we say goodbye to the ones we love on holidays no one ever knows when to say goodbye.

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The speed of Never A Time by Genesis appears to have two speeds.

As originally released, the speed was 77.000 beats per minute.  As released on their digital; “Remaster” of the album ‘The Way We Walk’ The speed is 77.25 beats per minute.

777 milliseconds per quarter note

The charts here reflect the “remastered” version.


matherton and spiron

november 24, 2017


“You see, I’ve been through the desert on a horse with no name, it feels good to be out of the rain.” UNCLASSIFIED TEMPO DIAGRAMS – video link

America’s HORSE WITH NO NAME is a song at a speed that one generally associated with victory, redemption and pure joy.  They did a twist in that speed – they play in the sublime sad haunted key of Em 9.  I recently heard the sing in the movie AMERICAN HUSTLER with Tom Cruise and Jennifer Lawrence and was psyched to hear the 10970s folk song sounding as unique as ever,

Horse With No Name
America-Horse-With-No-Name--Newman von Newman-tempo-map-11-Peat-Street.png
America-Horse-With-No-Name--Newman von Newman-tempo-map